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To be a leader in drilling fluids Engineering Services with a reputation and brand that is synonymous with innovation and technology, domain knowledge, excellence, service quality, global presence and stakeholders’ confidence. 

Our brand is born from our commitment to excel and our promise to deliver the best possible performance anytime, anywhere. Every communication we create which bears the Oilchem identity on it reinforces this message. 


Trained & Experienced


Years of experience


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Why choose Oilchem Drilling Fluids

13+ years of experience
Oilchem Drilling Fluids Limited leverages over 13 years of industry expertise, mastering intricate drilling challenges effectively.
Best industry experts
Our team at Oilchem Drilling Fluids Limited comprises industry-leading professionals, ensuring cutting-edge solutions and unparalleled proficiency.
Fast & effective solutions
At Oilchem Drilling Fluids Limited, our agile approach guarantees swift yet precise solutions for optimized drilling operations.
Flexible pricing
Oilchem Drilling Fluids Limited prioritizes flexibility, offering tailored pricing structures to accommodate diverse client needs seamlessly.
Modern approach
Embracing innovation, Oilchem Drilling Fluids Limited adopts modern methodologies and technologies for optimized drilling fluid solutions.
Great client support
At Oilchem Drilling Fluids Limited, exceptional client support is paramount, fostering enduring partnerships built on trust and reliability.